The story behind the APCLAI toucan

Its first flight

The APCLAI Subtitles toucan took its first flight ten years ago, when Maestro Fernando Birri, then President of the Latin American Trieste Film Festival, needed to provide Italian subtitles, in rhyme and octaves, for his last film, El Fausto Criollo, whose dialogues were inspired by an Argentinian gaucho masterpiece from the 1800s.

Nella foto, Francesca Mometti, Segretario Generale di APCLAI, e il Maestro Fernando Birri mentre lavorano ai sottotitoli de El fausto criollo (2011).

APCLAI strived to find and put together what was necessary to provide an impeccable result – cultural proximity with the filmtranslation competencepoetic awareness and technical skills – and the people able to put everything into practice and subtitle the film. And so the first subtitled film of the future APCLAI Subtitles came to be.

A collective challenge

Shortly after that first assignment, APCLAI received a second, larger request, producing subtitles for the exposition Latin American Spring, for which the association provided a translation for the selection and organisation of the films from each Latin American country. The result couldn’t have been achieved without a collective effort, and this is why thanks to the competences emerged during the first assignment the skills were then shared and ten translators became subtitlers. And so APCLAI, in collaboration with the Latin American embassies, the International Italian American Institute (IILA) and the city of Rome, provided subtitles for the entire exposition.

The large numbers of the Ibero-Latin American Trieste Film Festival

After the Latin American exposition other expositions followed – Cine Cileno in Verona, the second edition of the Latin American Spring in 2014 – and finally the decision was made to bring subtitles on the screens of the Ibero-Latin American Trieste Film Festival, APCLAI’s most thriving and rich project: there wouldn’t be a simultaneous interpretation service anymore, which had been made possible thanks to the historic collaboration with the prestigious Advanced School of Modern Languages for Translators and Interpreters, instead films would have projected subtitles, thanks to the enthusiasm of that same School’s students and to the experience and competence provided by APCLAI.

During each edition, subtitles were provided for a new section of the Festival. Meanwhile, the subtitlers team grew and training developed, with seminars at the University of Trieste and the University of Udine.

From APCLAI to APCLAI Subtitles

To enhance and perform the subtitling activity in the best way possible, from APCLAI’s branch APCLAI Subtitles was born.

Today APCLAI Subtitles is an independent organisation, still faithful to the values it had when it was born, but looking towards the future, led by three key words: competenceexperience and quality. Contact APCLAI Subtitles to experience it first-hand: