APCLAI Subtitles is a business project that stems from a cultural project. This results in a unique soul.

APCLAI firmly believes the most authentic and respectful way to bring cinematographic work to an audience who speaks a different language is subtitling. This is why during the Ibero-Latin American Trieste Film Festival, the association worked to subtitle the participating movies in the best way possible. And that’s how APCLAI Subtitles was born, and the peculiar origin is what makes it so incredibly unique:


APCLAI Subtitles subtitlers are young translators graduated at the Italian centre of excellence for graduates trained to become translation and interpreting experts, the advanced School of Modern Languages for Translators and Interpreters of the University of Trieste, specialised in subtitling thanks to seminars and special training provided by APCLAI


APCLAI subtitlers have the opportunity to refine the acquired skills right away with the specific training offered by APCLAI itself thanks to experience in the field within the Ibero-Latin American Trieste Film Festival, subtitling films, including some previews, that are addressed each year to a wide audience.


APCLAI Subtitles subitlers excel in both the translation and technical side. APCLAI Subtitles subtitlers work with their heart and professionalism to deliver film dialogues across borders and from one coast of the Ocean to another, so that each film retains all of its richness of expression.


Exactly ten years after its creation, APCLAI Subtitles achieved important results:

  • more than 500 Latin American films subtitled; 

  • training of more than 700 subtitlers

  • production of important work for other film festivals and noteworthy clients.

Among our main clients, we’d like to mention: 

  • the Venice Film Festival, for whom we recently translated to Italian the films Tengo miedo torero, by Rodrigo Sepulveda (Argentina-Mexico-Chile, 93 min) and Santuario, by Joshua Gil (Mexico, 2019, 83 min);

  • Arcadia Films, for whom we recently translated the Spanish subtitles for Il Conformista, by Bernardo Bertolucci (1970, 112 min) and The Clowns, by Federico Fellini (1970, 93 min);

  • The Vatican Museums, for whom we recently produced, in collaboration with Land Comunicazioni (Rome), the translation of dialogues from Italian into Spanish of the documentary Le stanze di Raffaello (2020, 46 min);

  • The Giorgio Cini Foundation, for whom we subtitled into English the documentary Zoom in on Masters on Chilean music tradition (2021, 63 min).